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Greetings, Visitors and Returning Visitors

Stay safe and don’t get scammed. It has come to my attention, today, that Instantpaydaysystem dot com has both its earning disclaimer and its privacy policy pointing to a parked domain that is parked on GoDaddy. In other words, this is at best a very poorly managed business site, and at worst, a complete scam. As such, at this time, I cannot recommend this, at all.

Watch this site for something new in the future, as time permits with other ongoing projects. After twice losing hosts who suddenly shut down without enough warning for me to get the backups, and due to the fact that it was built entirely on free members, which included more than 95% of upgraded members, it is not worth the effort to start over.

Instead, watch for something new. The name can work for listing sites and tools that have gone through a rigorous examination to determine their safety and legality. Bookmark this page and come back from time to time. At this point, I do not have a timetable for this. I am still fighting Lyme disease (which you can learn more about at, so accomplishing a lot in a day is always a challenge.  I regularly write the Wednesday article for Bogdan Fiedur on his blog.  I may also be found on Adlandpro. I welcome visitors and new members there. Drop by and send me a message.

God bless,

Dave Cottrell

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